A slight interruption

March 2nd, 2013|Miscellaneous|7 Comments


I had some very minor surgery on my left hand last Tuesday. It was just a little bump at the base of my middle finger, whose genesis was a mishap with a bowling ball probably about 10 years ago when Max was in 6th grade and really into bowling. I first saw an orthopedist about it in 2006, when it was about the size of a grain of rice. He said I had a choice of 3 options: Have it surgically removed (which came with a scary list of possibly attendant risks), live with it , or cure it with the “Bible method.” Did that mean praying it away? No, it meant smashing it with a big, heavy book. After finding out it wasn’t cancer or some other really scary thing, I chose to live with it.

After years of being quite unobtrusive, my little friend chose to assert itself more dramatically in the last six months or so, swelling up to the size of a large pea and getting in the way of any activity that requires gripping an object. I thought about the smashing option, but since I’m left-handed, I quite reasonably feared making matters worse and rendering myself unable to write or paint. So, surgery was the remaining option. Once the procedure was officially scheduled, I still had a lot of nightmares about it, as I have an unfortunate inherited tendency toward hypochondria.


I’m happy to report that all went well, and I’m enjoying learning to do everything with my right hand while I have to keep this on for a total of 2 weeks. I can’t say enough about all the good people at Kaiser, who went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and safe. In these times of scary hospital horror stories, I feel unbelievably lucky to have this health insurance through my husband’s employer. We pay a lot for it, but when you need to have something done, at least you feel you have the option to do it. I can’t imagine what this would have cost if we’d had to pay “free market” prices for it.


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Renew, refresh

May 5th, 2011|Miscellaneous|3 Comments

Energy Study, 16 x 16 inches, acrylic on panel, ©2010 Deidre Adams

Just noticed that it’s been almost a month since the last post, so I thought I should do a quick update. Here’s a painting in spring/summer colors to introduce a tangentially-related topic.

I have a big birthday coming up this year, and I decided what I wanted was a new house. Since that was completely out of the question, the next best thing would be to finish up some long-dormant home improvement projects and also to paint. Several years ago, I painted the family room and the dining room with some rather bright colors inspired by Mexico and a particular restaurant color scheme. This was a triumph of wills for me, as my husband would much rather see colors that have “resale value.” Once it’s done, though, he no longer notices.

We also have a “living” room – that seldom-used room that designers of modern suburban houses always seem to think we need, although I’d much rather have a bigger family room and do away with that complete waste of space. The room spans the two stories of the house, so I wanted to make it look less cavernous by dividing it vertically with different colors of paint. I did several very large patches with test colors but didn’t like any of them, and there they stayed as utter paralysis set in, probably for about 5 or 6 years, I don’t even know for sure. I stopped noticing, but I’m sure all my friends thought I was about the laziest person on the planet.

So I don’t know if it was the advent of spring, the start of a new phase of life, or just the fact that I was maybe a little tired of explaining to people just what the heck was going on with that crazy wall, but I finally got a fire lit under me to change it. And I couldn’t do just that room, I had to keep going and attack every white wall in the house. (I just do not like white walls, even though they do make it easy to coordinate artwork.) So for pretty much every day for the last three weeks, I’ve been house painting. Not as much fun as art, but satisfying in its own way.



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Patchwork Professional article

January 21st, 2011|Fiber / mixed media, Miscellaneous|2 Comments

My work is featured in this month’s issue of Patchwork Professional, a beautiful publication from Germany. The small image left center is mine, a detail of Reflections (full image below). I wonder if my high-school German will be adequate to the task of reading the articles? Hmm, probably not.

The gorgeous quilt on the right is Seaside Town by Alicia Merrett, part of her Mapping and Recording series in which she interprets landscape from a bird’s eye view. Alicia says, “I explore colour from a variety of sources – the urban and natural environment, mapping, literature, music, the world around us – and reflect it in the textiles that are my passion.” Visit her web site for more luscious color and line work.

Reflections, 38 x 92 (diptych), ©2008 Deidre Adams (click image for larger view)
January 21st, 2011|Fiber / mixed media, Miscellaneous|2 Comments