Sold – Epigraph I: Dark Field

Epigraph I: Dark Field installed at the Denver offices of Gordon & Rees law firm

Epigraph I: Dark Field has been sold to Gordon Rees and is now hanging in a lovely spot right off the elevators. This shot doesn’t really do it justice, but it looks awesome with the lighting they have there, and the dark background is perfect for it! Thanks to Point Gallery and Lewis & Graham in Colorado.

Epigraph I: Dark Field, 48 x 48 inches, acrylic & mixed media on panel. ©Deidre Adams
Epigraph I: Dark Field, detail. ©Deidre Adams

Posting about this installation made me realize I never did a blog post when Pseudocode (below) was sold, although I was thinking I had because I did post it all over social media. I think having both Facebook and Instagram has made me too lazy about keeping up with the blog. But I want to be better about that. Social media seems too ephemeral, and the blog is a better record.

Pseudocode, 48 x 72 inches, acrylic on panel. Installed at Denver West.

Full and detail images of Pseudocode, along with a write-up of my process, are available here.

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Visiting my artwork in Lake Tahoe

Adams-Iterations-TahoeIterations No. 2, 30 x 66 inches, installed outside the Ritz-Carlton Club Lake Tahoe member lounge

It’s always a highly desirable thing to get an installation photo of your artwork, even if that can sometimes take five years or more. In 2009, 3 of my works were acquired by the Ritz-Carlton Highlands in Lake Tahoe, California, thanks to Judy Hagler and Translations Gallery in Denver (sadly, no longer in business.) This particular piece, Iterations No. 2, represented the 2nd time I had made this work, because they liked the first one but it had already been sold. See the story here.

Lake Tahoe is not the most convenient place to get to from Denver, but I finally had a good opportunity to go there when a driving trip to San Francisco became a reality last week.

The Ritz has three of my works in all, but finding them on the property was surprisingly difficult. It’s a huge facility, and they do not have a comprehensive list of all the work installed there. I was there for a long time and searched all over the hotel and residence buildings, but I was only able to find two of the three, with a promise by the Director of Operations there to try to track down the 3rd one and send me a photo.

This is the other one I was able to locate, in the lobby of the residence building.

Adams-Tahoe-9 Horizon No. XI, 34 x 34 inches, installed in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton Highlands Lake Tahoe residence building.

It’s a beautiful, luxurious resort. Some day when I’m rich and famous, I’ll come back here for a ski vacation.Adams-Tahoe-6




I also took the opportunity to gaze upon the magnificent turquoise waters of the lake itself. I definitely want to find a reason to come back here; it’s spectacular!Adams-Tahoe-1





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Starting to flail a bit …


Between the Lines, 60 x 26 inches (each of two), © 2007

I’m getting down to the wire in the semester; only 4 more weeks to go. But that does mean the due dates are stacking up quickly. I have to come up with a design for a “social issues” poster by tomorrow, as well as finish writing an 8-page paper which examines a work of art from a “theoretical/critical” perspective (as opposed to historical), and get more footage and editing done for my next video rough cut, all within the next couple of days.

My blogging time will be severely limited for a while. But I know my habits, and I know if I let this go for too long, it will be really easy to just blow it off altogether – kind of the way I’ve been known to let other things (exercise, filing, etc.) go in the past. The only way to discipline myself is to keep up the momentum and not backslide.

So, what I’ll do is just put up some brief posts about past work, because obviously I’m not making much new right at the moment. The above piece was finished and installed at the Louisville Library last October. It’s a diptych, but the two halves were installed on either side of a big window in one of the library’s study rooms. This piece was something that really did push me forward into deciding to start a blog, because when it was done, I wanted to publicize it, but I don’t have a quick and easy way to incorporate new things into my web site at the moment. The blog is also great because you can give some background info, instead of being limited to just a caption.

One other side note – the watermark with my name was done with Adobe Lightroom, a new toy I purchased a while back but haven’t had time to delve into very deeply just yet. What I’ve been using it for so far is to get all my images cataloged so I can find things easily. It has a super-easy export feature, which is where the watermark comes in. Now I need to figure out if I can make it a bit smaller – this looks a little more aggressive than I would like.

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