Life imitates art

Manuscript (detail), work done at Vermont Studio Center, 2013

Photos taken near Green River, Utah, July 2015


Adams-Vermont-0567-Manuscript, 36 x 92 inches, ©2013 Deidre Adams
Found papers, acrylic, oil bar, thread on canvas drop cloth
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A little mid-week inspiration


Confession: I am guilty of a crime. Evidently it is very serious. I know it and I feel terrible about it. My feelings of guilt over this crime create a negative feedback loop and have led to a paralysis of inaction.

What is this crime, you may ask? It is the crime of inconsistent blog postings. Unforgivable – or so I’m told!

The last few months have been overwhelmingly busy, unfortunately taken up completely with things that have little or nothing to do with making artwork. This week, I finished up a couple of big projects, and I’m finally able to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I was even able to sneak in several hours of studio time this week, although there is nothing I really want to show at the moment.

But how to solve this problem of trying to get back into a more regular schedule of blogging? In the past, the kinds of postings I’ve done for the most part have taken a lot of time and thought. But lately, I haven’t felt that I have anything really involving or deep to share with the world, and that has led to me just avoiding it altogether. The solution came to me this morning: it’s for me to do something that takes the pressure off.

I was looking through my photos today searching for a specific image, and I realize I have a vast trove that I’ve never shared. Many of them are integral to my development as an artist. Although rarely do I ever make a piece based on a particular photo, my photo-taking process is critical in developing my eye and understanding what I find interesting as far as texture, composition, and aesthetics. I’m not much of a one for Instagram, so what I’m going to do is try some quick-hit type posts here on my blog, perhaps with little to no explanation, as I and I alone see fit. At times I may have more to say, and that’s OK too. Isn’t it great to have a space that’s all yours, to do with as you like!

Today’s selection comes from my time in Vermont (see more on my Vermont Studio Center residency here, here, and here).

It is also another example of my ongoing love affair with white and white work.





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Inspiration for white work

Deidre Adams - wall in Paris, FranceParis, France, ©2009 Deidre Adams

It’s snowing again today – yeehaw. We’ve had a lot of snow this winter – I mean, a lot. I’m not inclined to go to the trouble of looking it up, but I can say that my shoveling muscles have had way more use than in recent years past. I do love winter, especially since I’m no longer required to get up early and drive through it to go to a regular desk job every day, but really – enough is enough. However, if I must endure more white outside yet again, then it’s a good day to think about white work. Here are some inspiration photos to help set the mood.

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