Colorado Women in Abstraction

July 15 – Oct. 1, 2016 – Opening reception July 15

I’m honored to be included in this upcoming exhibition at the Center Visual Art (CVA) in Denver. This exhibition of Colorado artists is intended as a companion to the “Women of Abstract Expressionism” show at the Denver Art Museum opening next month. Many thanks to Michael Paglia for including me! From the CVA website: 

Colorado Women in Abstraction features the work of women artists who have been influential in the abstract movement in Colorado. This exhibition is presented at a time when the worldwide art community is examining the role of women in contemporary art and questioning their uneven representation in major exhibitions, publications and sales. Guest Curator Michael Paglia, (art critic for Denver Westword newspaper, art ltd magazine, and author of books Colorado Abstract and Texas Abstract) brings his extensive knowledge of past and current Colorado artists who have been instrumental and influential in the development of abstract art in Colorado. ‌

Artists featured: 

Marks Aardsma, Patricia Aaron, Deidre Adams, Sabin Aell, Tonia Bonnell, Teresa Booth Brown, Trine Bumiller Mary Chenoweth, Sophia Dixon Dillo, Nadine Drummond, Sandra Fettingis, Linda Fleming, Carlene Frances Ania Gola-Kumor, Jane Guthridge, Wendi Harford, Ruth Hiller, Lorey Hobbs, Monroe Hodder, Barbara Locketz Nancy Lovendahl, Virginia Maitland, Skyler McGee, Amy Metier, Margaret Pettee Olsen, Kate Petley, Martha Russo, Conn Ryder, Lorelei Schott, Elizabeth Yanish Shwayder, Sue Simon.


Now, I’ll hope you’ll indulge me in a little over-exuberance here, but I’m also super excited about this: The first time my name has appeared in advertisement in an art magazine. This is from the current issue of art ltd.

Adams-2016-05-28 12.57.10-

Adams-2016-05-28 12.57.27-


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A lovely little gift arrived today

File-May-23-6-18-39-PMCheck out this awesomeness that arrived in today’s mail. This is a catalog of the work currently at the American Embassy in Tirana, Albania. That’s my piece Detour on the cover!

Ambassador Donald Lu & Dr. Ariel Ahart wrote an introduction saying,

[We] are delighted both to welcome you our home but also to introduce you to some of the best of contemporary art from the United States. … In our exhibition you will find the works of American artists that echo some of the themes and materials found in the works of Albanian artists and craftspeople, including modern adaptations of the ancient forms of quilting, embroidery, and glass blowing.

I’m proud to be in the company of these other artists: Lucy Arai, Linda Beach, Lanny Bergner, Karen Kamenetzky, and Matt Seasholtz. I don’t know if the Art In Embassies program produces one of these books for every exhibition, but it was certainly a wonderful surprise!

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Sold – Epigraph I: Dark Field

Epigraph I: Dark Field installed at the Denver offices of Gordon & Rees law firm

Epigraph I: Dark Field has been sold to Gordon Rees and is now hanging in a lovely spot right off the elevators. This shot doesn’t really do it justice, but it looks awesome with the lighting they have there, and the dark background is perfect for it! Thanks to Point Gallery and Lewis & Graham in Colorado.

Epigraph I: Dark Field, 48 x 48 inches, acrylic & mixed media on panel. ©Deidre Adams
Epigraph I: Dark Field, detail. ©Deidre Adams

Posting about this installation made me realize I never did a blog post when Pseudocode (below) was sold, although I was thinking I had because I did post it all over social media. I think having both Facebook and Instagram has made me too lazy about keeping up with the blog. But I want to be better about that. Social media seems too ephemeral, and the blog is a better record.

Pseudocode, 48 x 72 inches, acrylic on panel. Installed at Denver West.

Full and detail images of Pseudocode, along with a write-up of my process, are available here.

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