Sometimes a little spam can brighten your whole day

The managing director of Fedex wants to give me a special massage! With the help of the almighty Yahweh, no less. And he wants me to pass the massage to other victims like mine. Cool!


Attn please, you might see this massage in your junk or your spam doe to low connection in our company today, so please ignore that, it does not sent by the scammers.

This is a massage from FedEx Courier Company Benin Republic {Zone 2} Port novo the Country capital. This is to bring to your notice that ATM Card that bears this tracking numbers: {FDX-Bn-RP 9645283} on it protected box which contains the sum of USD $450,000 has been deposited to our security keeping department since last Monday 19th April 2010, but due to little minor crises that been occurred in our company, we couldn’t be able to inform you of this massage.

But with the help of the almighty Yahweh, the whole matters has been dissolved, we thanks him for that special work he has done in our company. So my dear, we are sincerely apologized for the delayed information. Please you should know that the solid protector VIP box has been made solidly to avoid criminals or scammers to act illegally act during the delivery of the VIP box.

(etc. etc. etc.)

Note that Billions of dollars has been mapped out for over 342,000 victims allover the world that will going to recieve this ATM Master cards that will take place any moment from now and stop on 22nd December 2010. plaese bear this in mine that any family or organization that receive this massage must have been dumped in any way or the other, if not you, it may be your relations. So do not be surprise if you receive this massage. Warning!!!! Do not expose your own tracking numbers in the publics; till you get the Card then you can cheer the Testimony with your Colleagues. Please help us pass this massage to other victims like yours .

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Never a dull moment

Adaptation, 12 x 24 inches, acrylic & mixed media on panel. ©2010 Deidre Adams

After a week of utter insanity, things are quiet now. I’m getting caught up on all that I’ve let slide, like answering emails and attending to other outstanding issues. A blog post seems in order for closure on the the thesis exhibition.

As mentioned, due to unforeseen difficulties, we had a big scramble finding and preparing a temporary space for the show. The one we ended up with was a beautiful space, but it isn’t intended for display of art and therefore had several issues. Some in the class objected strenuously to the rather lively blue and lime green walls. Personally, I think my work would have looked stunning on a lime green wall, but I’m flexible. Since the will of the majority seemed to be that we needed neutral white walls, a bunch of us spent most of Tuesday painting. On Wednesday, I hung my work. This took me pretty much all day, because I had to do it alone, and I was terrified of making a mistake and messing up my newly painted wall. So I did a lot of figuring and measuring and remeasuring before putting nail to wall.

On Thursday, I needed to prepare for an artist’s talk I was giving that evening. So much for my theory that planning the date a year in advance should make for a very comfortable schedule!

Finally, on Friday, only one problem remained: there was no lighting for the walls other than some very high-up fluorescent fixtures — a completely unacceptable situation. Fortunately, my husband was able to take the day off and help with this situation. After several trips back and forth to the Home Depot, we finally had something rigged up on the overhead beams with clamp fixtures and 120-watt halogen floods that was, if not ideal, at least much, much better.

Me with some of my work

The reception was exciting. We had tons of people and it was a big crush, and it was great to be a part of it. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of my great friends who came out in spite of the crappy weather to support me. You are all fantastic!

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A brief update on various things

Colorado Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll and me in front of All the Answers I

There’s so much going on this week, it’s hard to know where to start! Last week, the highlight of the local Denver art scene, at least as far as I’m concerned, was a reception at the Colorado State Capitol for artists whose work was chosen for display in the offices of the state legislature. Terrance Carroll, the speaker of the house, is highly supportive of Metropolitan State College of Denver in general, and of the art department in particular. I was proud to have 2 pieces chosen for display in his office.

Next on the list is an update on the situation with our thesis show. A temporary space has been secured for the show, and everything is going forth as originally planned in the new location. I will be working like crazy to have my work finished in time for delivery there tomorrow by noon. If you’re in Denver, please join me for the reception this Friday:

Friday, April 23, 6-9 pm
Center for Visual Art
3001 Larimer St, Denver, 80205 (temporary location)

The exhibit will also be open Sat. 12-5 pm, and Weds-Friday, April 28-30, 11 am – 6 pm.

The second thesis show will be in the same location May 7-13, with a reception on Friday, May 7, 6-9 pm.

And finally, I will be giving a talk on “Quilting in a State of Change” at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado, this Thursday, April 22, at 6:30 pm. The address is 1213 Washington Avenue in Golden. More information is available here (scroll down for the current event). Hope you can join me for that as well!

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