Much as I love winter, I’m really ready for it to be over right now. A large proportion of our north-facing back yard was buried under snow from November until just last week — very unusual for our location. Then yesterday, another storm with dreary gray skies and rain-snow mix all day. So I’m very excited to be leaving Denver today for a week in Hawaii. I’ve never been there, have always wanted to go, and this year, spring break seemed to be just the time to finally do it. We are much better at spur-of-the-moment decisions than long-term planning, and everything just fell into place at the last minute.

My only worry is that I’ve just heard several horror stories about people having things stolen out of their rental cars while there, so now I’m leaning towards not bringing my good camera. I know I’ll be sorry when I see all the great stuff there is to take photos of, but I’ll regret it even more if my camera goes away, so I guess that’s the answer to that little problem.