Translations Gallery show

Façade V, 38 x 63 inches. ©2008 Deidre Adams.

Translations Gallery show opens tonight. After many weeks of preparing, getting new work finished, trying to come up with solid words to articulate my vision, and editing and preparing photos to go with the exhibition, it seems the big day of the opening has finally arrived. In the meantime, I’ve also been working on school assignments and then there was that little thing about an election. (Don’t you just hate people who go on and on about how busy they are? OK, I’ll shut up about that now.)

I went by the gallery yesterday where they were almost done hanging the show. It was a very cool thing seeing so much of my own work displayed in one place. The gallery owner and manager are simply amazing, and I cannot thank them enough for everything they’ve done, including mounting a lot of the work, sending out announcements and press releases, putting together an iPhoto book of my work, and commissioning a video of me talking about my work (currently visible on the home page of the gallery site but will probably move, so I’m not linking to it directly).

There is also another person who makes it possible for me to do what I do, and I am often remiss in expressing my gratitude to him. I’m talking about my husband, Joe, who works tirelessly cooking meals, making canvas frames and boards for me, fixing computer problems, being the parent contact with and volunteering at our son’s school, getting cars fixed, and doing a gazillion other things that free up my time to make art, not to mention being amazingly supportive even when he probably wants to thrash me.

OK, enough mushiness. Back to getting ready!

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